This program is one that employs complex, multi-jointed movements performed at intensity. For that reason:

Strict First

We do not do any floppy fish BS. We learn to first control our bodies with baseline movements. Advanced movements come with proficiency in the basics.


Casual interest will yield casual results.  Therefore we do not  offer punch cards.

Principled in Classic Movements

No wackadoo combo movements that make no sense (i.e. Sumo Deadlift High Pull, double-burpee-backflip-thruster-pullup-fist-bump). Push, pull, squat, clean, jump, run and work in a team oriented environment, with the support of athletes just like you!


We refrain from silly creativity, allowing weak fundamentals or running before you can walk. We do the common uncommonly well.

Comprehensive Intro

Without prior CrossFit experience, the Intro is a must. Likewise if one cannot demonstrate the basic components of a movement (despite CrossFit experience level) the Intro may be required.

Great News!

We have a dedicated section of equipment for Open Gym goers to polish their skills, get in extra work or make up missed class content.

You’re on your own, however! There are no supervising coaches, just you and the equipment.

What is it?

This one goes to 11. Yep, high volume, highly technical, heavy loads and a balls to the wall attitude. This is the distinction between the “sport” of CrossFit and the “fitness methodology” of CrossFit. Not for the faint of heart, beginner or casual gym goer. The expectation is a path forward in competitive fitness.

Personal Coaching

If group training isn’t your thing or you have a goal that is best attended to in a 1on1 setting, then we can setup personal coaching.

Come check out our no risk free trial at CrossFit Walnut Creek.

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