Part 1: Core Fitness Values

Eric Williams and Andrew Williams founded CrossFit Walnut Creek in 2011 with a simple vision: create a gym, program, framework and community that best serves the fitness needs of anyone that walks into the doors.  We move well, preach sound fundamentals, utilize the best and latest fitness ideas and spare no expense to ensure the facility is at its best.  At present day, they have changed countless lives, developed a program that is second to none and continued to evolve and grow their fitness influence. The core values and mission has never wavered and veteran members will tell you:

This is a place where you can reach all your goals and be fit for life!

Part 2: A Catalyst for Change

Our mission is simple: create the framework where anyone can accelerate and elevate their human performance.

As a catalyst for change, CrossFit Walnut Creek North has succeeded in being the driving force for hundreds of people with 100s of different goals ranging from:

– Losing baby weight
– Excelling at Spartan Racing
– Gaining muscle
– Gaining more flexibility
– Becoming more confident in your own skin
– Recapturing your energy and youth
– And hundreds of other stories of becoming a super human!

Within the framework of a group class, we find the individual components that each member needs to drive their success.  Under our guidance, you will be a fitter, stronger, healthier YOU!

Part 3: Welcoming YOU to our community

The last part of the story is you.

We have a community as unique and varied as you can imagine with doctors, lawyers, construction workers, students, seniors and teens. Everyone has a unique journey, united by a common goal – be better versions of themselves. Become Super Humans!

We can’t wait to meet you to find out where you wish to grow, excel, learn and become the best version of yourself!