Monday 9/9/19

CrossFit Walnut Creek – Concord – CrossFit

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Reverse lunge with toe lift

Reactive lunge


Unilateral lower body

High step up- 2 x 10ea

Crossover step down- 2 x 8 ea

Pistol or pistol mod- 2 x 6ea

Vertical push

Vertical push (HS focus or strength)

HS focus-

Floating HS practice- 2 x :30-1:00

partner kick up floating HS practice- 2 or 3

SHSPU- 2 x 6


SHSPU- 2 x 10

Seated straddle 2DB strict press- 2 x 10


A or B (choose 1)

Metcon (Time)


7rds for time:

9 KB swing (Russian 32/24kg)

8 box jump

7 pull-ups

*12min cap

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


AMRAP in 6min:

10 cal bike

10 ring rows

AMRAP in 6 min:

10 cal row

10 push ups

Cash out

Optional- Midline, pull, push, pump sesh, airdyne, grip, MOB, Skill


Seal walks- 2 x 30m

Cable crunch- 2 x 30

Staddle V-up – 2 x 16

Accessory strength (4)-

Close grip cable row- 2 x 18

DB hammer preacher curls- 2 x 12ea

Plate walk- 2 x 100m

cable elbow extensions- 2 x 16

Airdyne fun-

2min hard


Rice bucket- 1 x 2min


Anterior chain with band stretch- 1 x 1min e


tire flip practice- 12 reps

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