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CrossFit Walnut Creek Testimonials

Amy Barber LaRue


Love my people here! They take care of you no matter what level and health issues. Workouts adjusted to your needs. Great community! This is CrossFit that is non intimidating. I thrive in here!

Steven Williams


If you've ever wanted to try out Crossfit and you're in the area, you gotta check out this gym! I've been working out here for about 5 months now and my health and fitness level has dramatically improved. The trainers are Top Notch and really seem to care about the members. I couldn't recommend this box enough.

Nilu Midura


I mean what can I say. Coaches kick butt. Totally motivational and I am healthier because of them. Honestly it's pure joy being a part of CrossFit Walnut Creek and cannot thank these guys enough!

Teri Willhite


Warm ups are amazing. Thoroughly prepares you for the work ahead. Programming is phenomenal, clearly very well thought out. So evident the trainers love what they do and thrive on giving their clients the safest and most effective workouts possible. True story!

Jess Hofherr


I dropped in for a quick workout. I really enjoyed the class and meeting the super friendly members!! I look forward to coming back. Thanks again!

Arek Puzia


Awesome gym. The coaches are all top notch and everyone that goes here can be a good friend. It's like joining your friends even on day one when you haven't met anyone. While everyone is very supportive, the workouts are intense and get you results.

Scott Damassa


This is a top quality gym for anyone looking to improve their functional fitness. The coaches have a thoughtful approach to fitness that caters to all experience and fitness levels. Don't let any preconceptions you may have about CrossFit scare you off, this is a great place to accomplish your goals if that's keeping pace with your toddler all the way to looking great at the beach.

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