Why CrossFit Walnut Creek?

The current buzz of CrossFit and the ubiquity of available facilities make it less about “where can I find a CrossFit Box?” and more about “which box is best for me?” The market has many selections and we would like to make it easy on prospective members by providing information as to why our facility is a great decision.

1. Small classes
We limit our CrossFit classes to 10 and our CrossFit: On-Ramping Program to 8.  Our program and facility is best oriented towards a small, focused class – as a result you will never feel overwhelmed or lost in the mix.   We are thoroughly committed to upholding this standard to the benefit of the athlete and coach alike. These aren’t just nice thoughts and ideas, you will find, with rare exception, that classes never exceed 10 athletes. Because of this, you will also develop relationships and get to know each athlete and coach at CFWC.

2. Convenient Location
Many of our members walk to the gym. If you live in Down Town Walnut Creek, this is a slam dunk. As well, we are immediately off the 24/680 interchange and walking distance from Walnut Creek BART.

3. Replace the “Cult” with Community
Without looking to hard, you can see that CrossFit can be unfairly branded as a cult.  We go out of our way to host events and morph the “cult” that is often associated with CrossFit and replace that with Community. We host potlucks, members-only competitions, Paleo challenges, informational seminars and other fun things to develop the experience.   We love CrossFit and want you to love it too, but will never give you a hard time for your particular diet or your lack of the latest gear or in any way to pressure you to change who you are.  We work hard to dispel that stereotype by simply enthusiastically teaching CrossFit to those who love it!

4. Focused on good technique
Our CrossFit: On-Ramp Programs are comprehensive and our instruction is focused on getting you what you need before you do a particular movement. You won’t be faced with high repetition power cleans after a 3 minute intro. If you don’t know how to do something, we take the time to teach you. You will not be asked to do anything that you cannot accomplish safely. We harp on the principle of “Virtuosity” put forth by Greg Glassman and believe in it so much we hung up that motto on the inside before we even put a sign on the outside.

And we never let up.  Experienced CrossFitters will also gain endless critique on their form.  Why do we do this?  It’s not to be jerks, promise.  Injuries and plateaus can often be attributed to poor form.  CrossFit has developed a reputation of poor form that is slowly being erased by greater attention to it – we fully intend to be one of the gyms blazing the trail to overcoming this negative perception and produce athletes with beautiful movement mechanics.

5. Educational background
Our head coach has a background in sports performance, and a Masters Degree in exercise science. You will be hard pressed to find someone who understands the body, how it moves and how to make it stronger within a CrossFit context better than Andrew Williams. Click here to read more about his background, qualifications and client testimonials.

6. Progressive Program
We have a fully functional weightlifting program and are an affiliated USAW barbell club – all of this is designed to up your game.  We have classes oriented at the more complex nature of CrossFit as well as a class just for competitors.  If getting into the higher levels of CrossFit is your goal – look no further.

7. Results driven
Our CrossFit program is not one that relies on “WOD until you are exhausted and reap the rewards” methods of fitness tracking. We track strength numbers, WOD outcomes within Wodify, the premier Athlete Performance Management software. Whatever your goal is (fat loss, strength gains, etc.) we have way to measure this and deliver data driven results. We use the Wendler Strength Method to develop sustained strength over time. Our 12-week testing cycle will see you gather steady improvements over time without just pushing the envelope and burning out for its own sake. We encourage you to read about Our Methods.

8. Free Trials
We promise that if you join CrossFit Walnut Creek you will join in on an engaging, enriched and stimulating fitness experience. But, there is only one way to find out. Give our Free Trial Class a shot and find out for yourself!

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