Free Trial

Brand New to CrossFit?

Are you brand spanking new to CrossFit?  No Problem!  First things first, you can sign up directly for a Free Trial Class or fill out the form on the right, and we’ll get back to you asap.

During this class we:

-Discuss the principles of CrossFit

-Take you through a typical class, scaled to an introductory level

-Discuss some common movement progressions and why CrossFit produces such great results

-Go over pricing, memberships, schedule, programs and expectation of results

Basically, it’s a real life, live action, fully involved introduction to both CrossFit and our facility in particular.  You will come together with other fresh starters, learn some new tricks and maybe find a program that interests you.  This is a no pressure, no sales pitch kind of deal.  We give the class, answers questions and can get you started if that is what you want.  Otherwise, we are simply happy to introduce new people to CrossFit!

Experienced CrossFitter Looking for a New Home?

Just shoot us an email to get a trial class set up!  Email Eric at for details.