Drop In


We welcome Drop Ins from out of town!

But, our foremost priority is to attend to our regular daily members, so please be advised of the following:

  • We cap our classes at 10. Arrival immediately prior to class without reaching out and you will likely be turned away
  • We require a 24 hour notice so we have time to…
  • Ask about your experience and comfort with jumping into an unfamiliar program
  • Less than 6 months experience will be allowed participation strictly at our own discretion for the safety of yourself and others
  • Please provide your box, coach and how long you have been training
  • Drop in rates are $25 for one or two sessions and $50 for three or more (in a week)
  • You may complete a waiver here to get ahead of the game

Yes, some barriers to entry, but if you do us the favor of going through that we will happily accommodate you!