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Here is what folks are saying about the fitness program at CrossFit Walnut Creek:

Simply put: this is a solid gym.

“I been told that crossfit is too expensive especially when there is ample opportunity to join a gym like 24 hour fitness.
I highly disagree with this viewpoint. Crossfit has been more of a lifestyle change than just getting in shape and there are several
facets that make this a true statement.

First of all, Andrew and Eric (the coaches) are knowledgeable, educated, intelligent and kind hearted.
They both want the best for their clients and will help their clients succeed in making the respective goals of the clients.
At the same time they are resilient in making sure that the crossfit members push themselves to a point where the body is maxing out
and all the while being very safe. (Its called a masters in kinesiology).

The second facet is CrossFit itself. Crossfit incorporates good cardio and old school lifting. This is the best way a layman
can explain CrossFit. But there is also a brotherhood and sisterhood for the members. No matter what skill level a person might
be at, the gym members only look at one thing when judging someone: Is this person showing up. Just get to the gym and try your best.
Everyone else will be right there with you sweating away and just trying to get through the WOD.

Finally, the classes are capped. Thusly, Andrew makes sure that you get the personal attention required to do the lifts safely and properly.
This type of coaching style is rewarding because you can feel the lift is correct and feels right when doing the lift properly.
I would recommend this crossfit gym to anybody looking to change their health for a lifetime.”

~ Scott Roberts – member since July, 2013

“I have been crossfitting for about 9 months now. I LOVED my box in New Mexico, so I was very adamant, but also very apprehensive, about joining the one here.
Long story short, I went in as a “drop-in” one day, went home and joined as an unlimited month-to-month less than an hour later.
Andrew is the most attentive coach I’ve ever met! And the sense of community that this box has introduced me to is incredible.
If Yelp would let me, I would give CFWC an unlimited amount of stars.”

~ Jacqueline Gregory – member since August, 2013

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect coming in to this. My entire workout routine for the past few years has consisted of only cardio.
I would switch up between running and rowing to try to get an upper and lower body workout. However, I could tell I wasn’t building much upper
body muscle and I was completely lost wandering around the gym trying to figure out which machines to use. To top it off, I have no weightlifting
experience or instruction and I was probably hurting myself more than helping as I’m sure my mechanics were terrible.

I have been going to Crossfit Walnut Creek for about three months now and I absolutely love it.
Eric and Andrew are fantastic coaches. They are just as concerned with providing an intense,
comprehensive workout as they are with making sure that you are doing the exercises correctly with the
proper technique to get the best results and avoid injury.

For anyone who can’t bear to pull themselves away from their cardio routine – I feel ya.
That was a concern of mine before joining and I soon found out that it was an unfounded fear.
You are moving for the entire hour you are there and it only gets more intense as you move from the warmup
to skill/technique development and finally the Workout of the Day. If nothing else, try signing up for 3 days a week.
That is what I have been doing and I get my running fix on my off days.

Last thing – if you’re like me and work in the city – they have Tuesday and Thursday classes at 7pm to accommodate commuters.
If you want to do 3 days a week, their Saturday class will round out your week and it’s a great way to start the weekend.

This is just my humble opinion, but I encourage everyone looking to get in better shape to give it a try.
Don’t be nervous if you are worried you are too out of shape, these guys will modify each exercise
to tailor it to your fitness level and general technical ability.”

~ Nick Fine – member since June 2013

“Andrew and Eric are amazing people! Crossfit anywhere is expensive, but once you TRY it you will find
out why and it is up to you to decide if it’s WORTH your investment. I will admit I have had some doubts
about Crossfit because I have a share of friends who are a little too hardcore on Crossfit for my liking.
I run half marathons though and I needed something new. Crossfit was definitely the answer as I’ve slowly
built strength with this cross training. Andrew and Eric are not sales people and they are not going to push
you to sign up. You can do a class or two for free and you will see the people are Friendly and the
work outs are INTENSE but adjusted accordingly to your age and ability. I’m 5’0,120 lbs (itty bitty)
so if I can do it, anyone can!

P.S. No they are not a cult (for those who may have heard Crossfit can be Cult-like)”

~ Nicole Zorilla – member since January 2013

“I absolutely love Walnut Creek Cross fit. As a older women pushing 60 years of age I felt a little nervous going to
inquire about cross fit. Coach Andrew was so incredibly kind and informed me that they could accommodate my fitness
needs and customize program that will work for me. I look forward to every class. It is so much fun. I already notice
a difference in how I feel, my energy levels and the incredibly great night sleep I am achieving. Everyone is so nice
and helps encourage me.”

~Nancy Kurtz – Member since February 2013

“I am really impressed with the guys at Crossfit Walnut Creek. I came from a gym in Marin, so I have some experience
with crossfit and this is a fantastic gym. Andrew, the main instructor, is excellent. He has a thorough understanding
of body mechanics and kinesiology. He takes time to coach you individually and really invests himself in helping you
get stronger and reach your goals. I have some old injuries and Andrew has been awesome with tailering specific movments
to maximize efficiency while preventing injury.

The space itself is really clean and comfortable. No matter what your skill level or athletic experience is, I highly
recommend giving it a try. There is nothing like it.”

~Noah Kaplan – Member since October 2012

“I’ve worked out at 24 hour fitness since high school but it’s just not as fun as Crossfit. I’ve been going here
since November. At first I was reluctant to join because I thought it’d be this exclusive group of people who might
not exactly be welcoming of newcomers, not the case! Everyone is really nice and I think it has a lot to do w the
owners/trainers, brothers Eric and Andrew. They are really nice to everybody no matter what experience level. The
group is very positive and the workouts are great. It’s been about 7 months now since I joined, and I have no regrets,
go 5x a week, strength has gone way up, mobility is improving. This crossfit emphasizes form, strength, and mobility a
lot. Andrew and Eric are smart in that they will not rush you into a movement if you’re not ready for it. And they
cap the classes so that there are not too many people in one session, which is huge. I’ve been to other
crossfit gyms where there were 15-20 people in a class and little to no emphasis on correct form. Won’t happen here.
Props to creating a fun environment w cool members and personalized training from knowledgable instructors that adhere
to proper form! Going to CFWC is usually the highlight of my day. It’s well worth it.”

~John Fisher – Member since November 2012

“After the last three days working out at CrossFit Walnut Creek, I am so pleased with my decision to join this gym. The gym
offers a free trial to let the consumer get informed what the gym is all about. The trainers Andrew and Eric personally guide
you through proper mobility and training techniques for each lift with every new workout. Also The feel inside the box is so
personal and Andrew and Eric are there motivating and pushing you to limits you didn’t think were possible.

If you are the kind of person who wants to push themselves or just maintain a healthy body and mind then I strongly recommend
coming to CrossFit Walnut Creek and giving it a try!”

~Jon Loeliger – Member since February 2013

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