Policy, Rules and FAQs

The following is our policy, procedure and answers to common questions regarding our house rules.  We aren’t lawyers, we aren’t looking to iron-clad, legalese you to death.  This is plain language to outline plain principles.  Our first priority is fitness training – not policing and negotiating over how we operate this Box.  As such, if you have a question about how we will respond to any given matter, you can refer here first to understand our decision making.  It is recommended you read this before starting a membership to see if you are AOK with the way we run the place.  Feel free to email at any time with any questions (new or existing members alike!).

1. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.  If for whatever reason we feel you are a poor fit for our program and culture, we will politely decline a membership and recommend other outlets for CrossFit.

2. Refunds – No refunds.  We have very low key sales practices.  In fact, we could be criticized for not selling enough.  Therefore, we assume you are an adult and have entered into this fitness covenant of your own free will.  Consequently, we assume that you are interested in being a member of our gym until you say otherwise.  If buy a package that affords you a discount for a bulk rate, we have little sympathy if you unexpectedly move or change your employment.  We cannot plan your best use of a membership.  We also offer a free trial of our services with unrestricted access to ask questions, inquire about how it all works and get a taste of our programming/coaching, all before you consent to any form of commitment.  As such, if you simply don’t like CrossFit after a few classes, we suggest you try and make the most of it and move on.  Basically, our responsibility is to oversee your progress in the domain of strength and fitness once you commit to the box – life coaching costs extra.

If, however, we acknowledge your request for an adjustment or cancellation and we fail to process that (i.e. administrative error) we will fall over ourselves to make it right.

3. Discounts – We offer generous discounts by any industry standard for service, rescue, police, fire, students and couples/families.  What you see is what you get, there is no secret menu.  We don’t match prices.  We don’t negotiate. We have valued our services based on our knowledge and expertise, what it costs to operate a CrossFit gym in a premium downtown location and at what the market will bear.  Some places are more expensive, some are less expensive.  You are free to check out CrossFit at any of those locations, or not at all.

4. Billing – Our preferred method of billing is credit or debit.  All other payments methods are subject to approval on a case by case basis.  If your payment is late by any means (cc decline, no payment, etc.) your account will be automatically frozen until that payment is met.  We are open every day providing our full spectrum of service with minimal interruption.  We think it fair to pay for the service received.

5. Equipment – The equipment is tough, but not indestructible.  To beat that horribly dead horse, our priority is coaching fitness, not replacing equipment.  Nothing should ever have to be replaced, if it is properly cared for.  A broken anything means we have to take the time to find a new one, wait for it to arrive and possibly program around its absence.  That being said, unless your physical person (or other’s physical person) is in jeopardy, we distinctly frown upon dropping unloaded bars (the bushing that create spin WILL crack and break), heaving, crashing or throwing any of the equipment for any reason (other than to avoid bodily harm).  This is your home, it’s in your best interest to treat it with respect and glare menacingly at anyone who dares mess with your stuff.

6. Membership changes and cancellations – Please submit all membership requests via email to Eric at eric@walnutcreekcrossfit.com.  Verbal reminders, bouncing ideas off of us and so on is great, but we cannot be reasonably expected to remember the details of every request that comes our way.  Put it in writing 24 hours before said event is set to occur and we will get to it as promptly as possible, most often immediately upon request.  We cannot guess or anticipate if you go on vacation, start a new job, fall ill or otherwise encounter a circumstance that requires amendment to your membership.

Manage your membership.  Sign up for class, cancel your classes, sign in once you arrive and manage your membership in a way that best reflects your use.  We will not retroactively cancel a reservation you could not make or retroactively adjust a membership you discover you are not fully utilizing.  If you do not have access to a functioning computer, internet connection or our Wodify App, shoot us a text/email and we will do our best.  But, ultimately, your progress and results are predicated on your full use of your membership which relies upon you doing all of the above.

7. Greet new comers – It’s not all rules and no-nos!  Remember your first day at the gym?  Never lose sight of how intimidating a program such as this can be.  The beastly veterans, heaving weight around like loose change – this stuff is odd and different to the newly initiated – simply provide an introduction and a short token of confidence in order to help people feel right at home.

8. CrossFit: On-Ramping – If you have no CrossFit experience or insufficient experience to safely participate in our classes, Elements is mandatory.  We understand that you are a swift, hulking badass who ran a marathon with a backpack full of live grenades, but we retain our right to see this first hand for ourselves and ensure that you have the tools to safely enter our regular classes.

We run elements just about every two weeks with progressive classes covering a wide variety of instruction.  If you cannot find a way commit to this schedule, then our program probably won’t work for you. Everything we do at CFWC requires a strong foundation of understanding the movements and commitment to the program and coaching. If this habit isn’t started with Elements, then it is a waste of everyone’s time.

What if I can’t fit one or more of the CrossFit: On Ramp Classes into my schedule? Do you do Private On Ramping?  Do you do make-ups?

Yes. For $239 you can take a completely private CrossFit: On Ramp workshop, or you and a friend can do it for $199 each. Email eric@crossfitwalnutcreek and we can help with scheduling.

Makeup sessions can be scheduled on a personal training basis for $35 per class.  Or, you may wait until the class you missed cycles through once again and attend it at a later date.  The only restriction we present is completion of these 4 classes – once complete, you may attend whenever you like.  It is recommended to figure out a way to make the 4 scheduled classes work, in order to make the most of the training.

We will make exceptions to the above solely at our discretion, which will most often include a movement screening where you should easily recall all of the foundational movements and perform them exquisitely under minimal load.

9. Consent to be an Adult. Make sure you know what you are getting into – we will answer an unrelenting barrage of question if need be to help you discover if this is the right choice for you. This is very hard work and there is no hand holding here. We treat our clients as athletes and will coach and motivate them, but not coddle them. We don’t like whining, quitting, or big egos. This isn’t Curves or Zumba or some other silly stuff. You will lift weights, run, lunge, squat, and do other things that you may never have done before. If you have a highly limiting injury or cannot do the specific movements that are part of functional life (i.e. squat and move your arms) or you are unmotivated and non-committal, then this program and gym will not work for you.

10. General Etiquette

a. Leave your ego at the door – we are all in this together.  All we expect is your hard work.

b. If the coach is talking to the class at large, you are not.  We want everyone to be social, friendly and amicable, but if we are providing instruction, just hang on to that thought for a minute until we release everyone to go to work.  You may have heard it a 1000 times before, but please don’t mill about and assemble your equipment when we are setting the tone for the day.  If anything, it is distracting for the others who have not yet added what is going on to the routine.

c. Our coaching staff will gladly give you all of our attention and time so long as you do the same. If you have a habit of choosing to be stubborn, not listening and doing your own thing, don’t expect trainers to put a lot of time into you – take your training and the trainers seriously.

d. If you are injured or something feels a tad out of whack, we NEED to know this when you walk in the door. We can work around anything and not exacerbate a condition, so long as we know about it. If we don’t know about a slight issue and it becomes a full-fledged injury that we could have avoided, then we cannot be responsible and act in your best interest. Don’t try to work through something, instead let us know about any ailments. Live to fight another day!

e. Please pick up after yourselves and put garbage where it belongs. We have a recycling container for applicable items. If possible, please do not put drinks with liquid still in them in the recycling container or garbage cans.

d. Don’t lean on the drinking fountain.  You are tired, wiped out and can barely support yourself – understood.  But, believe us, you will be super embarrassed if you are the one that breaks it from the wall to see water spraying everywhere.  It is, after all, only a fixture – not gym equipment.  Best avoided by pushing the buttons only…

e. If you have enough energy to do pull-ups and burpees, then you have enough energy to set the row handle back rather than letting it fly from full extension.

11.  If you made it this far, and read all of this stuff – we appreciate it.  One thing we can tell you, with absolute certainty, is that if you give us your best effort, we will give you everything we have – all the tricks, tips, advice and our time.  Fitness is our passion and we have no greater desire than to share that with you and light a similar fire under your ass.  If you come in, work you butt off and love this place just like we do, you get so much in return!

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